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NEW OILS announced at Convention 2017!

New oils

If you haven't heard about the new oils announced at they are! And they are AMAZING!

Blue Tansy (5mL)

Known as “the beauty oil” for how it’s clarifying to the skin and helps heal tissues

Copaiba (15mL)

for immune support, increased cellular activity, and better digestive support

dōTERRA Jasmine Touch (10mL) & dōTERRA Rose Touch (10mL)

And now the permanent Touch Oils of Rose and Jasmine! How exciting to have these at our fingertips all of the time!

dōTERRA Neroli Touch (10mL)

Has been known to have similar benefits as Frankincense, for the many ways it supports the body by reducing stress and anxious feelings, yet also supports healthy intestinal inflammatory response in the body, and can also improve hormone balance

dōTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Spray (27mL)

Don’t leave home without it!!

Yoga Collection:

Align Centering Blend (5mL)

Arise Enlightening Blend (5mL)

Anchor Steadying Blend (5mL)

How about the wonderful new Yoga Collection? Not just for the avid yogi, but for anyone who wants the benefits of the new blends.

Siberian Fir 15mL

These are PERMANENT products that will be available to purchase individually October 2nd, 2017!

*One bottle 5mL Birch is available to only those purchasing a kit at this year's convention.


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