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Future of doTERRA: Gina Truman & Corporate Leaders

Gina Truman & Corporate Leaders Picture

Can you believe it’s been 9 years this month that dōTERRA has been improving lives all over the world? Have you ever wondered where you would be if you didn’t have dōTERRA in your life? Thankfully we will never have to know.

I remember those very first days of dōTERRA...I stand in awe at how much this company has grown and the many lives who have been effected for the better all over the world because of tiny 15ml bottles of the most powerful essential oils in the world.

I remember when we started that very first month, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just knew I loved the oils from the very first time I inhaled them - I knew they were different than any other essential oil I had ever smelled or used. I knew that the executives were great people so I trusted them. And I knew there were those who said the compensation plan was amazing, but I seriously did not understand it so I honestly didn’t know how amazing it truly was/is!

I remember being so excited to write our first newsletter to the almost 100 people who were on our team (I thought 100 team members was a lot back then). Now our team is well over 400,000 strong all over the world.

I love that our team has the highest retention rate of any team in dōTERRA. Do you know why? Because we have stuck to what is most important and that is EDUCATION and SERVING others. It has not changed, nor will it ever change!

Some may think that dōTERRA has seen it’s day, however…I beg to differ!! Let me share what I heard some of the executives say at the West Coast Leadership Retreat…

“We are just getting started!”

-Corey Lindley - President and CFO

“We’re opening a new chapter of doTERRA.”

-Emily Wright - Executive VP of Leadership Development

“Strap yourselves in, we're in for a ride!”

-Mark Wolfert - Founding Executive General Counsel

So let me ask you? Where are you on your dōTERRA journey? Are you just beginning, or maybe you have been in dōTERRA for a few years. Wherever you are on your journey, I’ll tell you a little secret…it appears that dōTERRA, the company, and its owners are not slowing down AT ALL! I am not slowing down at all! The awesome Diamonds and above, who were with me at our Diamond retreat last month, are not slowing down at all! In fact, we are all going full speed ahead. Are you with us??

Let’s each one of us recommit ourselves and, as Mark Wolfert said, “Strap ourselves in” because, as Corey Lindley said, “We are just getting started!”

Three years from now it will be 2020 and doTERRA will be celebrating 12 years of success. By that time dōTERRA will be a multi-billion dollar company and will most likely be a household name in many of the US states. Our team will be well over one million strong and we will have close to 1,000 and above Diamonds. What will YOU be celebrating 3 years from now??

Let us know and enter our....

Truman Team Giveaway

In honor of doTERRA turning 9 years old, 9 lucky winners will get an oil of their choice. (Max 50PV)

Comment below telling me what your goals are for 3 years from now... The more passionate and detailed the comment the better chance you have at winning.

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