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Do you want to become a Diamond??? READ THESE New Diamond's Advice!

The Truman Team | Diamond Advice | doTERRA Essential Oils

Question: Is your goal to become Diamond or above?

Answer: Then read the incredible advice below from some of the newest Diamonds and Blue Diamonds we are blessed to have on our team:

Lisa and Richard Jones (New Blue Diamonds - July)

The first and most important thing for us was creating a community of our own essential oil lovers! Our home was/is always open and we created an active and vibrant community on Facebook as well. Drawing people in to something greater than themselves and letting them see that many many people embrace and love this lifestyle was/is key. A safe place for everyone to learn together and get their questions answered for growing oil users and creating a vibrant thriving community that becomes a vibrant thriving team.

For us two things that have been key are this. First, Love on your people, hard! Know their dreams, help them create goals. Know the big picture and be able to help them break their goals down into bite-size pieces. Their dreams become your dreams, their wins your wins! This is a team sport, we rise by lifting others , so get in the trenches with your team and work together. There is no greater joy!

On a more practical level, know your numbers and know your team member's numbers. We find that it is much easier to grow our numbers and help them grow their's, if we are both aware of them and know where we all need to focus. And then we focus concentrated effort in those areas. We like to help them fill out Rank sheets monthly and for us we love to throw it all up on a white board! I have one across one whole wall of my office. It is so fun to watch the numbers come together throughout the month.

Melodie Viafranco (New Diamond - July)

When I began my journey building a business with doTERRA, I wish I would have realized that I did not need to keep up with the pace I saw others moving forward with in their own business. As I began working toward supplementing and then replacing income, I would see others hit Huge ranks in very short periods of time. Being competitive by nature, I would find myself putting pressure on my own shoulders to move forward in ranks just as quickly as the others I was noticing, even though our lifestyles differed greatly. I started off hitting ranks quickly, but after some time, that slowed down. I was still just as active, just as determined, but I began realizing the importance of each individual journey toward Diamond, and that it was OK for my journey to look different. I began removing the pressure that I had put on myself and allowed myself to write my own story of my own journey.

After a turn of events that stopped me in my tracks a year ago, I did not think I would ever build with action again. I allowed myself the grace to stop. It felt SO good. The freedom to let my story unfold much differently than I had thought, or had even hoped, had actually allowed my mind and soul to rest where rest was much needed. Exactly a full year later, Diamond sat right in front of me, though it was definitely a bit out of reach. Hitting Diamond felt so honorable and satisfying, because my soul was rested in contentment of how my story was unfolding...even if it looked much differently than I had anticipated from the very beginning.

I am more than grateful for upline and cross-line friends that supported my need to pull back on my business actions, while at the same time gently reminding me that they were there to support me whenever I felt I was ready to jump back in. That support allowed the fire in my heart that I thought had grown dim to burn freely once again.

Melissa Wood (New Diamond - July)

My success can truly be attributed to my incredible team. We have created a team culture that fosters teamwork, support and idea sharing. They encourage each other and push each other to achieve more. I was blown away by the leadership that was shown and the crossline mentorship that occurred. It was truly beautiful. My advice to foster this kind of team spirit right from the beginning. Create a culture that pulls everyone together to push toward a common goal. Get emotionally invested in your people, know them, cry with them, celebrate them! Encourage crossline collaboration and accountability partners. If I see two people in different legs with similar goals, I connect them! This creates a larger sense of community and is why my team, Team Hōrizon, feels like a family.

Tracie Roesbery (New Diamond - July)

As for my secret to success, it has really come down to consistency and serving my team and clients from a genuine place. I have tried some things in my business that work well and other things that haven't worked quite as well. What I have found is when I go back to the basics of teaching, sampling and enrolling, my business thrives. I also love on my team and pour as much into them as I possibly can! I am so incredibly grateful for the team effort that helped us achieve Diamond and I am beyond excited to experience all of my leaders achieve the same and beyond!

Jennifer Scoggins (New Diamond - July)

I would encourage everyone to become a doTERRA Diamond…not for the rank or the pay check, but because of who you will have to become, to be the person who can reach Diamond. THAT journey….is worth taking. And it’s worth it - no matter how many set backs or plan B’s you face! The best personal reward for me in reaching Diamond is keeping my word to myself and doing what I knew I could do and what I said I would do. I am certain that I am a better wife to my husband and a better Mama to my girls, for the lessons I have learned through the ranks of Elite, Premier, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. It is worth it! So, go for it! And quit making far off plans. Just tell yourself that THIS WEEK, you’ll make one more call, take one more appointment, enroll one more person. Those small actions, over and over and over….that’s how you get to Diamond. And who you’ll become in the process……just might be the best gift you’ve ever given yourself.

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