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Our team is a collection of thousands of Wellness Advocates from all over the world with one united mission: To share the power and capability of doTERRA Essential Oils to improve the health and financial well-being of every person on earth!


Growing up in a home where health and nutrition were key, then adding over 20 years of experience in the health, beauty and design industry, it was easy for me to find a love of helping people through sharing doTERRA. I have been involved with doTERRA since the company began in 2008. I became one of the first US Founders in the company and am now blessed to be a Presidential Diamond. I am also blessed to be joined by my siblings and many other family members and friends on this doTERRA journey to help others find true and lasting health, peace and happiness. My passion is mentoring people to find their true potential and feel worthy of receiving all they desire and are destined to. 


My first love is my family - now, with an international doTERRA business and a team well over one million strong, I have gratefully extended my "family" to include all of those who are a part of our ever growing Truman Team world wide.

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Some of the hundreds of amazing Diamond leaders on our team.

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