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Legacy of Love Declaration!

What a blessing to be amongst such an incredible group of people within our dōTERRA family! THANK YOU for being a part of The Truman Team!

There were many times when we first started this journey that I would talk to my brother, Boyd Truman and my sister, Rhonda Ford about branding a name for our team. I remember one of the executives told me to brand our name because of what it stood for, plus our father would always tell us to honor our name - TRUMAN.

Having said that, as most of you know, our father, Delmont Truman passed away last month. It was unexpected, but thankfully, because of this wonderful business we were all able to be by his side as we said our last good-byes to our sweet dad. It was indeed one of the hardest things I have ever done in my entire life. Our dad was a saint! He was our rock, our confidant, the best mentor any of us could have ever had. He was our best friend!! None of us would be who we are or would’ve been able to do what we’ve done without our dad and his unconditional love and support throughout our lives.

As I look back at this past month and think of all of you who sent your love and condolences (Thank You!) I couldn’t help but think of the thousands of people who knew my dad or were touched by him in some way. He did indeed have a sparkle in his eye and you could tell he truly loved people no matter their background, their past, or their present. One thing I’ve heard more than anything from so many was what a great legacy of love he left.

This got me thinking and made me wonder…what kind of legacy will I be leaving? So, I ask you…what kind of legacy will you be leaving? What kind of legacy are you building for not only your children, but for your personal dōTERRA team members? Do they feel your unconditional love? Do they know your love of dōTERRA oils, and why? Do they see you worrying about how to get things done or do they see you making it happen? Do they see you looking down or do they see you looking up and serving others? Do they see you finding excuses or do they see you truly making a difference no matter what the sacrifice? Do they see you barely getting by or do they see you reaching for your dreams? dōTERRA is THE best avenue to create a legacy to live by and to leave for those you love!

This month I want to do something amazing - something that will cause all of us to make a difference - something my dad would be proud of… I’m calling it

The Truman Team Legacy of Love Declaration.

Go to The Truman Team FB page and make a comment of what kind of legacy you are going to leave for those you love. Then… I will personally donate $10 for every comment made by midnight, Sunday, August 6th to the Healing Hands Foundation. The difference you can make is to simply live up to the legacy you’ll be declaring.

Thank you! With so much love, -Gina Truman


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