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LOADS of New Diamond Advice!

The Truman Team | Diamond Advice | doTERRA Essential Oils

Kari Coody (New Blue Diamond - October)

The advice I would like to share on reaching Blue Diamond would be to realize you cannot do this alone! Be in constant communication with your leaders to make sure you are on the same page. Working together as a team is SO vital to reaching goals in general, but one of this magnitude cannot be accomplished any other way! I absolutely loved watching them rise to the challenge and step out of their comfort zone. This journey has been unbelievable and I give all the glory to God!

Alicia Thomas (New Diamond)

Being consistent is key, always moving forward even on the days when it seems impossible, know your true worth, serve from your heart, believe in miracles, and love your leaders where they're at. :)

Natalie Carson (New Diamond)

This is something that I have been working on for a little over 3 years and I am filled with gratitude and love. My husband, Brian and I have been married almost 20 years and together we have 3 amazing kids. I never knew that pursuing doterra as a business would take me on the best personal development journey of my entire life. I have become a better wife, mother, friend and leader and for that I am forever grateful. When we truly show up from a place of LOVE for others and ourselves, amazing things begin to happen. Essential oils are the TRUTH and what God intended us to use to balance our health on a physical, mental and spiritual level. We are all put on this earth to truly make a difference in the lives of others. When we BELIEVE, we RECEIVE!

Cortney Clegg (New Diamond)

My advice would consist of 2 points:

Trust the path you are on. Trust that it WILL lead to all the wonderful things you desire. When I reached my 2 year mark with doTERRA and hadn't reached the goal I had set, I had a bit of a crisis of faith..."Is this still the right path for me? This is so challenging, and I have sacrificed a lot...quitting would be so much easier." I prayed a lot. I got back to my why. I discussed how I was feeling with my husband, and he was sweet and patient and reminded me of all the tender confirmations I had received since I started...Trust the journey! The Law of the Harvest applies- all good things will come. Pray like everything depends on the Lord, and then work like everything depends on you.

Be willing to try new things. If you feel stuck, infuse your business with something new! Invest in new programs or training, seek self-development. Do Diamond Club! There is growth outside of your comfort zone, so take a risk, skill-up!

Joyce Day (New Diamond)

My advice as a new diamond: After 3.5 years of building my doTERRA business I finally invested in actual sales training this summer. That has made all the difference for me. Countless times I've had a great conversation with people about oils but was never really sure how to take a great conversation to the next level - actually helping them get oils. I might invite them to classes or offer to meet up - and while sometimes that would work out - more often I would be left wondering what I should have done differently. Real sales training is not about becoming a "pushy sales person", it's about learning real skills so I can be more effective at serving my customers and team. So skill up! Get some training and take control of your business!

Jessica Andrews (New Blue Diamond)

I am working my butt off. I am teaching and enrolling. I take control of my business and I don't wait on my downline to reach certain ranks so that I will hit certain ranks. I mentor them and we are all working really hard together. I have a 6 month old baby and my current WHY is to bring my husband home from his job. We are close to making that move. I remember being an Executive with dreams of quitting my job. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Carolyn Erikson (New Blue Diamond)

I’m so grateful to partner with doTERRA in continuing my mission to teach about healthy foods and natural wellness. There’s not been any “secret to my success” other than just getting up each day and asking, “Who can I help?" "Who can I help feel better?" "Who can I help feel happier?” “Who can I help with sharing doTERRA and building a biz?” To my fellow doTERRA Wellness Advocates, my counsel would be to constantly remind yourselves that doTERRA is doing BIG THINGS for the world and we play an important roll. From helping a mom soothe her child with natural remedies, to coaching a leader to build the life of her dreams, to supporting farmers and harvesters in developing countries around the world, this work is IMPORTANT! And you are WORTHY of the job. Show grace to others as they come alongside you but show grace to yourself as well. We are grōwing together!

Isabel and Daniel Calkins (New Diamonds)

Our one advice would be look to where your down line needs support and work with them to make it happen!

Brianne Hurdal (New Blue Diamond)

This company is truly my mission in life! I remember the feeling when I hit Diamond and how amazing it was and even if I only hit once how fortunate I was to reach Diamond! At Diamond I learned something so valuable about learning how to be a leader...and how to cultivate leaders! I learned quickly to maintain this precious rank It meant really trusting in the abilities of my leaders and empowering them... Up until Diamond I was really good at doing everything but didn't realise how much enabling I was doing and in a round about way wasn't letting my leaders shine to their own brilliant capacity... Once I let go of trying to do everything for my team all the true magic began to happen

I've been able to hold on to Diamond every since and now have been incredibly blessed to acheive Blue Diamond!!! I truly believe it was the shift I had and my team is simply amazing... If there is anyone struggling with finding skills in leading their teams I believe this has to be the foundation.... Trust in your teams abilities and let them shine and always lead by example

Helping them achieve their goals and leading with your heart will always keep you rising all the way to the top.

Eliza and Benton Bacot (New Diamonds)​

There are so many pieces of advice we have used to get to this place…first diamond to me just means I have four incredible women on my team who hit silver and without them I would not be here…they are part of the movement to change wellness in this country and I value them as my family. It became apparent to us early on it was ok to say no to certain people. Mediocrity was something we would never ever settle for and yes sometimes that meant we even turned down certain builders or encouraged those builders to move on…we felt strongly that we wanted to lead a team of people who wanted nothing short of changing lives in an incredible way. There is no room for mediocrity or average in that. We just believe in living with incredible impact and catalyzing change for others and we inspire our team to do the same. We believe with God all those incredible things are possible. We believe in praying for opportunities as well as seeking them out and then just plain working hard to see it through.

Another incredible factor in our business is extreme integration of husbands. Early on my husband decided to join me in planning and orchestrating our business. And we incorporated this into finding and activating builders. From the beginning we have emphasized the importance of husbands being integrally involved in the business and have found our builders grow faster and have much more enjoyment in the process when they do it jointly. Tactically what this looks like is husbands attending calls, convention, conferences and building the business as a team!!

Sherrie Ferrell (New Diamond)​

My advice to others would be first of all to eliminate the word quit from your vocabulary. Take it off the table as an option. Next, keep your focus on serving your customers and your team. Things tend to fall apart when your heart is not in the right place. Then, never miss an event! Seize every opportunity to learn from those that have gone before you. Learn the strategy side of the business. You have to have a plan and understand your strategy options for it all to come together. It definitely will not just happen!! Then, go all out and all in with no fear!!!

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