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Gina Truman: "Our Responsibility" & Giveaway

Warning: This letter is for the brave soul who is owning their responsibility. Anyone not wanting to move forward, please read with caution.

We are calling out to all of those on our team who want to be radically responsible, who are no longer using any excuses but instead are finding solutions. We need those who are ready to hyper focus and make progress like they have never made before. Do you know why we are asking this?

Because dōTERRA needs us more than ever!!

There is an amazing mission this company has and people all over the world are starting to notice - there is something different about dōTERRA! We can no longer let our lack of confidence or inabilities, that we think we might have, keep us from helping move the mission of dōTERRA forward or keep us from accomplishing our own individual goals. WE are in this company for a reason and there’s a reason we need to share!

Between Co-Impact Sourcing, The Healing Hands Foundation, and our most prized oils, we can no longer take it lightly and sit on the side lines hoping others will call and ask what we are doing. WE have got to open our mouths, open the bottles of oils and share!! And if those you share with aren’t listening, it’s okay…NEXT!!

What you look for you will find. So if you are looking for excuses - they are out there. If you think you lack in knowledge, confidence, or whatever it is you feel you lack - then you will feel it. May I ask that you no longer feel the lack anymore? Rise above anything holding you back, whether it’s something or someone. It’s time to stand up and not let anything or anyone hold you back!!!

Your level of success is determined by your confidence, your commitment and your determination. No matter where any of us are in our lives, we can ALL raise that confidence and commitment level just a little bit higher.

To help encourage us along, this month I am doing a special giveaway! To enter, comment on our Facebook post telling us what the main excuse you are not going to use ANYMORE! 24 winners will receive one product from the brand new Convention Kit! 😊

Truman team Giveaway


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