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June - New Diamond Advice!

The Truman Team | Diamond Advice | doTERRA Essential Oils

Imagine you're sitting on a cliff, with your feet dangling and the wind is blowing between your toes, and below you 1,000 people are hanging from a rope that is tied to your ankle. The only thing that is keeping them from falling is You. In the midst of a full blown panic attack you can choose to Fall or you can choose to Reach. The best advice we can offer as Diamonds is to REACH - this is how we made it possible to hit Diamond! Being alone, working alone, standing alone, or sitting on the edge of a cliff alone is very scary and where there is fear our creativity and talents get crushed. It is at those moments where we need our talents to shine bright! The month we hit Diamond was unexpected and a huge shock, we hadn't planned to get to diamond until June but as the month continued everyone was so motivated and excited to work together that it seemed possible for us to rank to Platinum! Diamond wasn't even in our thoughts until the last two days of the month - I didn't even see that coming!!

Sometimes as wellness advocates, we arbitrarily decide who we will share the oils with and who we "know will never buy a kit", we make assumptions or judgments based on our own life experiences. On our path to diamond, we had a lot of uncomfortable conversations and moments that pushed us beyond our limits. Being willing to have those uncomfortable conversations with family and friends, to share oils with people whom we believed wouldn’t try them also made a huge difference in our passion and drive to Diamond! It was those last two days that was some of the most intense moments of our life, it was truly unbelievable to watch everyone come together and make it Possible! Things only seem impossible when you can't see the small possibilities which actually make it possible! The last day we had the opportunity to Reach or to Fall and although it makes my heart race now just writing about it we decided to grab hands with our upline and with our downline and we all reached together! It was incredible to achieve something that seemed nearly impossible just 24 hour before but the thing is ANYTHING is possible if you believe in your heart and reach with your hands. It’s really that simple, all you have to do is REACH! Talk to your builders, talk to your upline, ask for help, push through your boundaries, and get ready for the most thrilling roller coaster of your life. Most importantly live by doTERRA’s mission to get an essential oil bottle into every single home across the world and then believe you can do just that!

We love doTERRA and are lucky to be part of the best team in doTERRA - the Truman team!

Lots of love,

Polina & Dave

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