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July - New Diamond Advice!

The Truman Team | Diamond Advice | doTERRA Essential Oils

Brianne Hurdal (New Diamond in May)

For those of you who are just starting this journey with doTERRA or for those who have already begun and are working towards success with doTERRA...Id like to share some tips in how I achieved Diamond in 1 year after I decided to really commit to partaking in the business side.

First your passion is everything! Passionate about what you are doing and what doterra offers and truly believe in what the company stands for.

My path with doTERRA started with just using the oils for the first year. I was however very interested in the business side....but at the time felt very overwhelmed with life. My youngest daughter at the time was pending an autism diagnosis and I was pregnant with my third! The thought of starting a business seemed impossible and way to much work! Until I showed up at a meeting my upline was orchestrating. There at that meeting I met a woman who is now a very good friend and one of my strongest leaders. She spoke very few words at this meeting and said... If you want this it will take work and you'll be told no more than once and I'm sure not everyone will like you and guess what "THAT'S OKAY.”

I left that meeting feeling so empowered and that doTERRA couldn't be more difficult than what we had faced with our daughter with autism and that I could actually do this I love these oils and I love educating people.

From that day forward I booked classes, contacted people and more people and enrolled my tail off. I hit Silver and Gold in May of last year, Platinum in November and Diamond exactly a year later!

My advice to anyone who want to do this and succeed is this:

Let go of the fears that may be holding you back! Believe in yourself that creates determination and determination creates drive and that is an absolute must.....and passion is the key to it all. Let go of your excuses and find a way to make it happen! When someone wants to meet for a 1 on 1 or to book a class I made it happen!

I found in the beginning I literally dropped everything to work with other people's schedules. I also have 3 children under 5 and one who is on the ASD spectrum and no child care. My husband is a realtor and we juggled everything. It's not easy but we made it work because It was really important to us... I found when I made short term sacrifices it was well worth it and my business blew up... These sacrifices change as you go along but honestly in the end it's worth every single one.

Be confident in what your doing and know exactly what your purpose is.

Lastly never give up it is so so so doable for anyone. Just love the oils and the people your touching and Diamond will be a reality before you know it♡♡♡♡

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