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April - New Diamond Advice!

Who better to get great advice from than a new Diamond? Thanks to each one of these Diamond leaders who shared their "Secret to Success". Congratulations to each one of them!!

The Truman Team | Diamond Advice | doTERRA Essential Oils

The path to Diamond is not an easy road to travel. Once you make a commitment to yourself, there is no stopping or turning back. But the last two years has not been easy. After my grandma fell ill, I took a step back from my business to help care for her. During that time, my grandma would help me fill folders and we would talk about me being a Diamond. It was all she wanted for me. After she passed away in August, I promised her that I would walk the purple carpet the following year and I knew all along she was beside me pulling me up to make it happen in March. My sister sent me a text before Leadership saying, You are going for Diamond in March. I am done was at Leadership that I dug deep, talked to my grandma and I rallied my team up to tell them that I was going for it. The last few days of the month, I came down with the flu...fever and all. I was so tired and so weak. If it wasn't for my team pulling it all in at the last minute, enrollments and my sister crunching the numbers, it would have not been possible. It really became this beautiful team moment of all of us working together to make it happen. I am so, so grateful for each and every person on my team. They worked so hard with their teams and I love so much how in sync we all were together. I know my grandma is looking down with a smile on her face, celebrating and happy for me hitting Diamond. I dedicate this one to her. Never, ever, ever give up! When it gets hard, dig really deep to keep yourself from falling into the pits of wanting to stop and let it go. It is so worth working hard to the tail end. The end result is a team knowing they all can and we would do it all over again!

- Lindsey Jafferalli (Illinois)


My word of advice is to remember that all kinds of people can do this business. People that live in small towns, big cities, introverts, extroverts, Type A, disorganized (like me...haha!), single, get the idea. ALL types of people have experienced success with doTERRA. You don't have to be a famous blogger, have a special degree, or be a well-known influencer in your community. If you're like're just a normal, everyday mom who loves oils and shares them with everyone she meets. There is no magic formula or special sauce. It just takes showing up. You have enough skills and resources right now to be successful if you're willing to put massive action behind your passion for our amazing oils and company. So be confident in how God made you and leverage your strengths. Get help and grow in areas where you are lacking and go for it!

- Allison Brimblecom (Kansas)


My dōTERRA journey has been a whirlwind!

I never ever ever stop! No matter what!

My family is fully involved in my business I include them in all aspects of it!

If you are scared, do it anyways!

Know your why, live your why and share share share. Do not compare yourself to others! Keep your eye on your own game. Go above and beyond for your people. You will get back what you put into your business. Live in an abundant mindset. When you are stuck assess why then fix it! I don't recommend wallowing around in complaining about what's not working. I have fully followed my intuition with this business. Aside from my first class when I told my friends they were going to do this business with me I have not once prospected a builder! All of my builders came to me organically as soon as the passion for the oils hit them. Even many who said they would never do an "MLM" company. I am grateful every day for my family my friends and my business partners.

- Kelly Mallinson (Surrey, BC)


My secret to success is to make it a team effort. I try to lead by example, but also inspire my team. I decided March was the month. I let my top leaders know and also included our builders we needed to hit elite. All 4 legs had one weak leg. I set up an email with each of the silver legs and their 3 qualifiers. I sent it to all 16 ppl. Every few days I would update where everyone's volume was and who was already director, executive and elite and also share what I was doing that week. I was in the trenches working hard. I feel the email changed the mindset to a group goal instead of my goal. Every single person started working a little harder. At the end they were truly pushing just as hard as I was. It was amazing to see. Now be careful with this theres a fine line between inspiration and adding pressure to your team. I have a very strong community culture and encourage my builders to form relationships and friendships with each other. So they didn't find this email as pressure but more about being included in the "community goal." So when I hit diamond it wasn't just my success but it was everyone's success. It was a strong month and every builder grew in some way. Find a way to include everyone. Even sharers were enrolling people in the last 2 days to join in on the action. Also it makes it much more sustainable when you have everyone involved in the ultimate goal. Moving forward everyone is excited and everyone now has bigger goals. Plus it's a lot more fun working together!!!

- Erin Patel (Illinois)

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