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Giveaway & Post-Convention Tour

Wasn’t convention ONE amazing event??

We want to hear what your favorite part of convention was. Click the image to enter at our team Facebook Page and tell us your favorite quote, statistic, new product, or moment of convention… and tell us why!

Any team member who posts will be entered to win one of the wonderful new products released at convention (2 total kits will be given away).

In the meantime, PLEASE do not miss the Post-Convention Tours happening now in a city near you. Click “here” for the link to find out where/when.. and then make plans to take a car load of people and get there! This is the perfect event to invite your friends to.

One last thing…as we all know, we are a part of something beyond amazing. We cannot let our inabilities take over our capabilities. “Passion trumps ability everyday!” It truly does not matter what or how much you know as long as you have passion and share! That is what makes the difference. So, as Dave Stiriling encouraged us at convention:

Do not be fearful but be believable!

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