Diamond Vision Board

The Truman Team has always been a firm believer in the power of goals! We encourage setting specific, challenging goals that you can strive to achieve. We know that with hard work and help from your fellow team members, you can do it!


If it is your goal to reach the rank of Diamond, we want to know about it! We invite you to declare the date you will become Diamond, so we can post it on the Truman Team Diamond Board and support you all the way!

Future Diamonds:       

Claudia Worley September 2014


Scott & Kimm Manley 
July 2014


Diane Nivens 
November 2014


Phalecia Thompson
 December 2014


Joyce & Tobbias Day
December 2014


JoAnna & Michael Sacco
 June 2015


Adam & Joni Schmidgall
July 2014


Kyle & Jenn Heinze
July 2016


Janae Arancibia
July 2014


Kresta & Chris Glaser
June 2014


Kristen & James Kropf
December 2014


Kevin & Latarran Brown
May 2014


Corinna & Rustin Harper
July 2014


Ben & Sami Truman
December 2014


Jennifer & Miguel Cancino
 December 2014


Cheryl MacDaid
December 2014


Ronda Jones
July 2014


Steve & Nancy Robbins 
June 2015


Jo Ann Boyle
July 2015


Cindy Coons
November 2014


Amber & Ryan Marcin
October 2014


Lynn Fingerhut
July 2014


Uruiah & Lisa McHaffie
December 2014


*If you would like to share your goal, please send date & photo to the.tru.oil@gmail.com

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